At Cleo Ellis Communications, we work with professionals in a variety of industries to help them define their personal and professional brands and take their businesses to new heights. Building strategic, meaningful partnerships with different influencers helps our clients to better understand their business and the value they offer — and we help them to communicate this.

We focus on the solution. With each client, we assist them in making strategic decisions for their brand – ones that will allow them to tap into new markets and make valuable connections. We are here to help you protect your brand and make sure that the key messaging and identity presented to the world is consistent with your wants and needs.

Having worked in the startup industry for some time, we have a keen understanding of the challenges of both new and established business branding and the importance of curating that brand. Through social media strategy, content creation, networking opportunities, and more,  our clients have succeeded in establishing meaningful interactions with influencers, followers, and other brands. These interactions are key in amplifying their brands, increasing digital presence and impact Рand we can do the same for you.