“How can I help you get to your goal? How can I support you in your journey to get to that thing? Whatever that ball is, I will pick that up and run with it.”

Expert relationship builder. Entrepreneur-slash-producer. Woman who casually drops ‘The Hegelian Dialectic’ over Eggs Benedict. MacGyver meets Olivia Pope, but with cuter jackets. 50% pit bull, 50% air traffic controller. 100% Gryffindor.

There are plenty of ways to describe Cleo Ellis, but the one we’re choosing to focus on for this bio is ‘relentless facilitator’. She’s the Wozniak to your Jobs, the Girl Friday to your daily grind, and the middle-woman to your 360° campaign. She simply can not rest if there is a problem to solve, and when you come to her with a challenge, she’ll work tirelessly to find a solution. Or, if a solution doesn’t exist, she’ll work even more tirelessly to invent, create, or straight-up cobble one together.

This ingenuity is born of a natural curiosity that even ten (yes, ten!) years of academia couldn’t satisfy. She holds a BA in Sociology from MacEwan University in Edmonton, a BA in Criminology from Simon Fraser University, and a Master’s from the highly-competitive Masters of Professional Communication program at Ryerson University.

A consummate polymath, her career path is understandably varied, but with one commonality. All her work stems from asking herself one question: ‘Are my clients happy, and is their job easier because of me?’ From her start interning with lifestyle influencer Catriona Smart of Coco & Cowe to ‘getting sh*t done’ (actual job title) for Canadian actor Jarod Joseph; from running point for various young entertainers and venues all across Canada to launching her own communications consultancy, Cleo Ellis Communications, Cleo’s breadth of experience is undeniable. Her latest endeavour found her working with legendary Canadian DJ Lissa Monet to create space for women in an industry that had previously kept them out, which has since evolved into Toronto’s best female DJ service, LUXELIFE SOUND. Cleo Ellis has built her career on turning problem-solving into a fine art. She’s driven, she’s passionate, and amazing things happen when she’s in your corner.